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Oct. 1st, 2012

Oh deer!
I spent last week working on Asutobi for the 6th time. I say last week but it was just Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It makes the first time I have not actually seen the play performed, but now I know more of the lines and lyrics to the songs than I ever did before.

I think I like being backstage a lot more than working the lobby, especially when my English skills actually have something to do with it.

I don't like having a mysterious red bug bite on my back from something that was lurking in the chairs or carpet.

I really want the DVD of last year's production, this year the cast was pretty much the same except a few new faces, they did a nice job though and cried A LOT at the end like usual.

I did enjoy my English announcement time and coaching my student for doing announcements as well. It was the first time I left feeling like I actually did something and didn't just stand around like anyone else could.

It is back to the school again this week, finishing up the semester. The new semester will start in 2 weeks and I will be going to lives and performances ( and making a quick stop to Tokyo to see the performance of a graduate)

Indeed it is a grand time I am having

It's Tuesday... Tuuuuuuuuesday

Oh deer!
I forgot my makeup bag at home!


New school year starts soon. I am excited for all the new students, I am also a bit worried I might be working till 8 3 days of the week. When am I supposed to go excercise? When am I supposed to have time to be me? When eh?

I don't know for sure yet, I do know there are 3 special classes that go until 8 and whether it will be myself or a part-time teacher doing them has yet to be determined. No, it probably HAS been determined, I have yet to be informed.

In great news! All the sakura are blooming in Osaka. I am allergic to sakura and pretty much any flower, but my allergies have gotten better over the past 3 years especially when I avoid medication.

Going to a live tonight so once again another late night for me!


Who said my Weenie is Teenie?

Oh deer!
Korea was hilarious. Gitzen and I spent days making jokes out of everything and quoting Mr Rogers.

I bought a giant pink fox pillow

on graduation

not once
I realised I can't listen to Yuzu's "Wonderful World" without crying and watching the video makes me cry even more. I also realised that their songs are either incredibly moving or terribly cute.


So on Wednesday I saw another 300 or so kids graduate. Last year I cried so much because my acting and voice acting students were super emotional messes and came to me crying about leaving. This year the kids I was closest with were musicians and they don't really cry. It was so different, I took a lot more photos this year ( which are all on FB now)

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like at another school, but then I always want to stay here because if I get transferred then I can't see my kids graduate. But then again I don't want to see them go, but I am always happy they finish school.

It is an emotional issue for me. It is that mix of happy and sad that leaves you with that tight feeling in your chest.


This all relates to Yuzu in that some of their songs give me this exact feeling

Nov. 6th, 2009

Oh deer!

Remember those pins what you made me and sent me 2 years ago? I wore them to school on my suit ( ha ha) the teachers thought the eye was creepy as hell, but all my students love them. I didnt take them off the jacket so they are on it again today. If the head teacher complains.... bah on him

For all the cat lovers

Oh deer!
I thought of Emmers first, but I know a lot of you ladies love the kitties

and the best part is Frucht Katzen would make a kickass band name

Just for fun

Ok I want you to comment on my post with a completely ridiculous, possibly unattainable, pointless goal or 2 even.

I want you to do this so I can sit at home and ponder whether or not you are funny. If you think by not commenting you are sparing yourself I must tell you how wrong you are, no comment means you must KNOW you aren't funny and therefore didn't even try.

che! tennis

Oh deer!
that's my standard reaction to people with raquets and 2 girls on the train have them.

Im so tired. I walked all over! It's hard eating alone in Tokyo. Places are set up for couples or groups, even a lot of fastfood.

Ads for Nino's drama special are all over. I'd like to meet him sometime.

Takeru kun is too thin and being the only white girl in an audience of 2084 is wierd.

Interests meme

Oh deer!
As deemed fit for discussion by the_suit_case

Asahi super dry - Oh Asahi. creater of the first dry beer. I don't drink beer anymore, but when I did drink it, my beer of choice was Asahi Super Dry with it's crispness and pleasant aftertaste. It is Japan's (un)official kampai beer

kool-aid smiles - this is Sarah's fault. All those times at Flagler looking through the stock photography books . Those kids with their "kool-aid smiles" as she called them.

my brand of evil - because my evil is not the same as your regular evil. It is not cruel in the classic sense or diabolical in the James Bond villain sense. It is evil in the same way this is evil

the name ted - I am not actually sure why this is an interest. Maybe because you just don't meet that many people named Ted. Seriously who is Ted? Is he a fun guy? Does he like badmitton? The world may never know.

the taste of victory - it is sweet unlike the bitterness of defeat. Or the sting of defeat or the stink of de-feet... Ha ha it is a bad joke as my interest

what flavour ketchup? - From Rebecca's "question of the day" collection. Wherein I would give questions with nonobvious answers and use them to psychoanalyze people. I am into such quackery

world domination! - Ask me about my hegemonic ambitions. More than that I have a keen interest into why ANYONE would want to dominate the world. Seriously what a hassle! Is is not better to hang around until some despot comes about and then join in the resistance? You get to wear berets in the resistance and run through foggy European streets in the still of the darkest nights. That is the stuff there.

If you would like to get in on this sweet meme action, comment and I may comment back with some interests of yours I would like to hear about.

Sep. 14th, 2009

Oh deer!
Anyone else ever sit for 20mim waiting for omurice?

I just did.


Oh deer!

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